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品茶是一种享受,亦是一种文化, 因此, 广汇丰茶行大力推广以“冷泡” 的方式来泡茶。


1. 将一3克的甜菊绿茶茶袋放进1瓶500毫升的矿泉水,浸泡至5至10分钟,便可饮用。
2. 如诺希望茶汤更有味道,可放至15分钟。





促销时间:20/4/2019 – 31/5/2019

Health Benefits of Tea:

  1.  Tea contains antioxidants & less caffeine than coffee
  2.  Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke
  3.  Tea may help with weight loss
  4.  Tea may protect you bones
  5.  Tea may keep your smile bright
  6.  Tea may boost your immune system
  7.  Tea may help battle cancer
  8. Tea may soothe the digestive system
Purple Tea
Dark Tea

Montéa Blue Navi Infusion Tea

Combination of Butterfly Pea Flower, Pandan Leaves and Lemongrass.

In making Blue Navi tea, butterfly pea are blended together with energy-boosting lemongrass and pandan leaves. The result is pure mild tea flavour with an aromatic flower scent, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Why not spare a few minutes to make a cup of natural, organic, pure Blue Navi Butterfly Pea Flower Tea? This blue-coloured tea with its distinctly flora aroma can relieve stress, protect your eyes and keep you energised.

Montea LPW

Montéa New Product

– Montéa LPW Liu Pao King –

Ingredient : Dark Tea & Wu Zhou Liu Pao Tea
Net Weight : 125gm

Montea Infusion Series

Herbal Infusion Series

  • Rose Herbal Infusion
  • Osmanthus Pu Er Tea
  • Rosie Pu Er Tea
  • Rosie Oolong Tea
  • Chrysanthemum Herbal Infusion

New Product

– Aged Osmanthus Liu Pao Tea –
Help to warm the spleen and stomach, as well as to dispel coldness and dissipate blood stasis.


← Montéa Morning Boost Detox Infusion Tea
[ combination of Dried Apple, Cinnamon, Mint and Rose Petal ]
> Preventing alzheimer’s
> Strengthens body immune system
> Improve blood circulation
> Energy boosting

Montéa Afternoon Boost Energy Infusion Tea → 
[ combination of Black Tea, Dried Strawberry and Hibiscus ]        
            > Mineral salt supplier                             
            > Rich in iron & vitamin C                      
            > Intestinal & bladder cleaner           
> Blood purifier                                             

← Montéa Evening Calm Relaxation Infusion Tea
      [ combination of Green Tea, Verbena, Dried Lime and Rosemary ]
             > Refreshment
             > Anti-bloating & digestive
             > Increases metabolism
             > Helps weight lose & fat burner

Montéa Skinny Mi Herbal Infusion Tea → [ combination of Green Tea, Cardamom, Mint, Orange Flower and Rose Petal ] > Reduces blood fat > Food digestive > Anti-bloating fixes digestive problems > Body toxin’s’ disposal